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The Our Lady of Sion convent and grounds in Sale, Victoria (Supplied)

Diocese of Sale Catholic Education and the Sale Diocese have issued an update on the future use of the historic Our Lady of Sion Convent building and campus in Sale. Source: Gippsland Times.

The project is still in the preliminary proposal stage and subject to further development and regulatory approval, however investigation work is progressing and more detailed concept plans have been developed.

The Our Lady of Sion Convent building is a local landmark with historical significance for Catholics, the Catholic education community, and the broader community in Sale. The site became vacant in November 2020 following the formal relocation of the Catholic College Sale Junior campus.

In December, Catholic Education Sale director Paul Velten and Sale Bishop Greg Bennet announced that a preliminary proposed masterplan had commenced to thoroughly investigate the possibilities of transforming the historic site into a state-of-the-art education facility while preserving its rich history.

Since then, extensive work has continued behind the scenes, including the appointment of a heritage advisor and various consultant specialists. 

Consultations have been undertaken with staff at St Thomas’ Primary School, Sale and the Sisters of Sion, which will continue.

As a result of this work, the architects have now moved into the detailed design phase, which considers in far greater detail the impact of design and engineering decisions on the convent and surrounding site.

In a joint statement, Bishop Bennet and Mr Velten said redeveloping the Sion site for St Thomas’ Primary School would ensure that the 125-year tradition of Catholic education in this location continues.

“St Thomas’ Primary School was led by the Sion Sisters when it opened 50 years ago so that connection would be strengthened,” the statement said.

“We look forward to providing updates to our parish and school communities through the planning phase as we progress investigations into continuing the 125-year tradition of Catholic education on this historic site.”


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