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Catholic Social Services Victoria’s discussion paper on housing (CSSV)

As the national conversation intensifies around housing supply, Catholic Social Services Victoria has released a discussion paper, encouraging creative solutions for utilising existing housing stock effectively.

The “Housing as Homes” discussion paper was released at the conclusion of Homelessness Week (August 7-13). The paper emphasises the importance of robust social and community support systems to meet the holistic needs of individuals.

Josh Lourensz, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services Victoria, spoke of the gravity of Australia’s housing situation: 

“The housing crisis impacts a wide spectrum of our community. When even those with jobs struggle to find affordable housing, individuals on fixed incomes, some below the poverty line, face insurmountable challenges.

“Secure and affordable accommodation options should be accessible to everyone, but special attention must be given to those facing additional complexities and disadvantages.”

Mr Lourensz further highlighted the shortcomings of the current housing landscape: 

“The private rental market is failing Victorians, and property prices are beyond the reach of many essential workers. Crisis, transitional, and permanent social or affordable housing options are insufficient for those who are unable to work or live on a fixed income. 

“Our paper highlights that many existing domestic buildings are not being used as homes. Our policy framework should prioritise the use of existing housing stock for secure and affordable homes, rather than as assets for wealth accumulation.”

CSSV member organisations, along with numerous Catholic congregations, parishes, and dioceses, have been instrumental in providing affordable and social housing solutions to address the diverse needs of people across Victoria. 

Mr Lourensz said these initiatives, coupled with specialised services and support, contribute to creating an environment in which individuals and families can thrive.

Read the discussion paper here: Housing as Homes.


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