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Jason Clare, right, with the Catholic School Parents Association delegation (CSPA)

Catholic School Parents Australia executive members met with Education Minister Jason Clare last week and discussed “crucial matters” relating to the role families have in the learning and wellbeing of children.

The CSPA delegation provided Mr Clare with an overview of their efforts in parent engagement, including projects and surveys aimed at ensuring parents have a voice on critical topics such as student wellbeing and learning, the effects of classroom disruption on learning, and communication between families and schools.

CSPA said a highlight of the meeting was its proposal for a National Parent Engagement Roundtable to develop a national policy so that all schools are committed to engaging families in their children’s learning and wellbeing. This roundtable would also discuss establishing a national repository to bring together all the current resources and research being done in Australia in Parent Engagement. This would be a central point for families, schools and early childhood to access the best information possible to better engage all families. 

“In our pursuit to advocate for parents, we recognise that one in five children in Australia receives their education in Catholic schools. This statistic underscores the immense responsibility we bear in ensuring their educational journey is nurtured through strong family-school partnerships,” CSPA national chair Andrea Obeyesekere said.

“Our ongoing collaboration with Minister Clare cements our commitment to strengthening education by empowering parents to actively engage in their children’s learning,” Ms Obeyesekere said. 


Catholic School Parents Australia Executive Engages in Fruitful Discussion with Education Minister Jason Clare (Catholic School Parents Australia)


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