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Cardinal Matteo Zuppi (Vatican Media)

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi will today begin a three-day visit to China as Pope Francis’ special envoy to seek peace in Ukraine. Source: Vatican News.

The Holy See Press Office announced yesterday that Cardinal Zuppi will visit Beijing from September 13-15

“The visit forms as another step of the mission desired by the Pope to sustain humanitarian initiatives and to seek paths that may lead to a just peace,” read the Press Office statement.

Cardinal Zuppi has been in Berlin, Germany, to participate in the “Audacity of Peace” meeting, hosted by the St Egidio Community.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the meeting, the Cardinal highlighted the importance of working towards a just and secure peace.

He said all key players must be involved, adding that the Ukrainians must be able to determine their own path to peace.

Peace, he said, requires the effort of everyone, but “it is never something that can be imposed by anyone; it must be the peace chosen by Ukrainians with the guarantees, commitment and effort of everyone”.

The Italian-born Cardinal’s mission has primarily involved dialogue and has seen him engage in discussions with political and ecclesial representatives from the countries at the centre of the conflict in Ukraine since February 2022.

Cardinal Zuppi had previously travelled to Kyiv and Moscow in June and Washington in July.

During his visits, the Cardinal met with various leaders, emphasising the humanitarian aspects of the mission and the importance of achieving peace.


Cardinal Zuppi to visit China as part of Ukraine peace mission (Vatican News)