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China Peace Vatican

Cardinal Zuppi to visit China as part of Ukraine peace mission 

Cardinal Matteo Zuppi will today begin a three-day visit to China as Pope Francis’ special envoy to seek peace in Ukraine. Source: Vatican News.

China Vatican

New cardinal in Hong Kong says red hat will help ‘build bridges’ with China

Cardinal-designate Stephen Chow, who will receive his red hat from Pope Francis in late September, has voiced confidence that the honour will aid in “building bridges” between the global Church and mainland China. Source: Crux.

China Vatican

Pope accepts transfer of Chinese bishop despite violation of 2018 deal

Pope Francis will recognise the transfer of a bishop in China earlier this year without his knowledge or approval despite the fact that it violates the terms of a 2018 provisional agreement on episcopal appointments. Source: Crux.


Hong Kong bishop prays for ‘mutual trust’ between Beijing and Vatican

Hong Kong Bishop Stephen Chow prayed for mutual trust between the Chinese Government and the Vatican as he offered a Mass on the Global Day of Prayer for China. Source: UCA News.

China Pope Francis Prayer

Pray that the Gospel can be freely shared in China: Pope

Pope Francis yesterday asked Catholics to pray that the Gospel can be fully and freely shared in China. Source: CNA.

China Prayer

Catholics urged to join Week of Global Prayer for China

This Sunday will mark the beginning of the third annual Week of Global Prayer for China. Source: Melbourne Catholic.


Vatican learns of installation of Chinese bishop in media reports

A Chinese bishop was installed yesterday as the bishop of Shanghai with the Vatican learning of the installation via media reports. Source: CNA/Vatican News.

China Persecution

Catholics in China suffering ‘intense persecution’

As was the case in the 1950s, when the communists came to power, Catholics in China are suffering “intense persecution”, according to Dr Steven Mosher, president of the United States-based Population Research Institute. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.

China Vatican

Vatican negotiating with China to make agreement ‘work better’

The Vatican’s foreign minister has said that the Vatican-China deal was “not the best deal possible” and that negotiations are underway to make the deal “work better”. Source: CNA.