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Vatican permits devotion to alleged Marian apparition

Applying its new norms intended to quicken rulings on alleged supernatural phenomena, the Vatican’s doctrinal office has permitted devotion associated with alleged Marian apparitions in southern Italy. Source: OSV News.

Vatican Women

Vatican maintenance crew hires women for the first time in 500 years

Two women have been hired for the specialised maintenance crew of St Peter’s Basilica for the first time in its 500-year history. Source: CNA.

Canon Law Vatican

Vatican declares Archbishop Vigano excommunicated for schism

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States of America, has incurred the penalty of excommunication for having abandoned communion with the Bishop of Rome and the Catholic Church. Source: Vatican News.


Claims Vatican treated Cardinal Pell’s body with ‘gross disrespect’

Cardinal George Pell had a broken nose, was not wearing shoes and his clothes had been “just thrown in” the coffin when his body was returned to Australia from Italy last year, it has been claimed. Source:

Legal Matters Vatican

Former Vatican auditor-general appeals sacking

The Vatican’s first auditor-general, Libero Milone, will head back to court today to appeal what he argues was a wrongful termination. Source: The Australian.


Vatican bans visible tattoos, body piercings for St Peter’s Basilica workers

The Vatican has banned workers at St Peter’s Basilica from having visible tattoos or body piercings to maintain “decorum”. Source: Sight Magazine.

Ecology Vatican

Pope launches project that could see Vatican run on solar power

Pope Francis has appointed two special commissioners to start work on building an agrivoltaic system on a Vatican property outside of Rome that could supply the whole of Vatican City’s energy needs. Source: OSV News.

Safeguarding Vatican

Church ‘must place’ people with disabilities at centre of safeguarding efforts 

To prevent abuse across the board, the Church must place people with disabilities at the centre of its safeguarding efforts and ministry, speakers said at an international safeguarding conference in Rome. Source: CNS.

Appointment Vatican

After much speculation, Archbishop Gänswein given diplomatic role

Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the former private secretary to the late Pope Benedict XVI, to a diplomatic role in the Baltic states. Source: CNA.