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Hayden Ramsay (The Catholic Weekly/Giovanni Portelli)

A renowned scholar of faith and ethics has launched a podcast on the Sydney Archdiocese’s network examining the world through a Catholic context. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Australian Catholic University Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Hayden Ramsay will be providing insight on all matters of contemporary culture, while also tackling what he describes as the four greatest questions of our time.

“Our Catholic identity is not just a tribal thing about where we belong. It’s also the freedom to think for ourselves; Who is God? What is the world? How do I relate to people? And what is the morally right thing to do?” Professor Ramsay said.

Called “Climbing the Sycamore – With Professor Hayden Ramsay,” each episode in the series will be comprised of two parts. Firstly, discussing the pressing issues of the day, while the second half of the show will see Professor Ramsay answering questions emailed by listeners.

“I have called the series Climbing the Sycamore because I think you need to change your position to see Jesus ever more fully and clearly,” Professor Ramsay said.

One key motivation for launching the series is concerns over the increasing polarisation in mainstream media, which has seen the erosion of respectful and genuine debate where unpopular views can be expressed politely and rationally.

“We really need to create more forums where people are encouraged to dig a little deeper in forming their own views and put their toes into other ponds and read or think about people they would not naturally be inclined to think about.”

“This is a wonderful thing our Catholic tradition gives us. It gives us the questions and it gives us, I think, the best answers to the questions so far proposed.”

Each episode will be available fortnightly on Thursday afternoons on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and The Catholic Weekly website.


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