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The stage 3 tax cuts were introduced to Parliament yesterday (Wikimedia/jjron)

The Coalition has agreed at a partyroom meeting to wave through the Albanese Government’s changes to the stage 3 tax cuts. Source: ABC News.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has announced that the Coalition will attempt to amend the bill but will not block it if those amendments fail.

The decision means the Albanese Government will not have to negotiate with the Greens or crossbench to pass the tax cut change through the Senate.

The revised cuts will return hundreds of dollars more to low and middle-income Australians at the expense of halving the benefits the wealthiest Australians were due to receive.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese last month announced the Government would break an election promise and attempt to amend tax cuts legislated by the former government, shifting the gains towards middle-income earners.

Peter Dutton said the Government had betrayed the public’s trust and labelled the changes “bad policy”, but the Coalition would support them anyway.

“The Coalition is not going to stand in the way of providing support to Australians who are doing it tough,” Mr Dutton said.

Mr Dutton said the party would take a comprehensive policy to further cut taxes to the next federal election.

Independent MP Allegra Spender and fellow teal MP Monique Ryan will also support the cuts, which were introduced to Parliament yesterday.


Coalition to wave through stage 3 tax cut changes (By Jake Evans, ABC News)