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Cost Of Living

Poorer Australians paying ‘poverty premium’ amid cost-of-living crisis

Australians on fixed or lower incomes are skipping meals and going without medicine, with new research revealing a “poverty premium” is being paid for essentials like petrol and groceries. Source: The New Daily.

Cost Of Living Mental Health

Cost of living causing distress for most Australian families

More than half of Australian families are reporting higher-than-normal distress due to the rising cost of living, according to new data from Suicide Prevention Australia. Source: The Guardian. 

Cost Of Living Welfare

Indexation to give financial boost to 5.5 million Australians

Millions of Australians receiving government support will have their payments lifted by as much as $50 a fortnight as a small relief in the cost-of-living crisis. Source: The Australian.

Cost Of Living

Cost-of-living struggles driving high anxiety

Almost one in three Australians are struggling to get by on their current income, leaving them increasingly distressed and disenchanted with the country’s direction, a new study has found. Source: Canberra Times.

Charity Cost Of Living

Service widens as two new Vinnies Vans hit the road

Every month for years, Verbum Dei Missionary priest Fr Greg Morgan has swapped his chasuble for a hi-vis vest and got behind the wheel of one of Sydney’s Vinnies Vans. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Cost Of Living

Regional Australia hardest hit by cost-of-living crisis

The cost-of-living crisis is impacting millions of people across the country, but it is often residents in regional and remote Australia who are bearing the brunt of the economic pain. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living Housing

Growing number of Australians in mortgage stress amid rise in home loan defaults

Australians are defaulting on their home loans at growing rates as the number of borrowers at risk of mortgage stress peaks at levels not seen since 2008, when the global financial crisis hit. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living Social Services

Catholic Social Services welcomes rise in welfare payments

Catholic Social Services Australia says the passage of legislation to raise a number of welfare payments will provide targeted cost-of-living relief to about two million Australians that need it most.

Cost Of Living

One in 10 Australians unable to pay bills

More than one in 10 Australians were unable to pay a gas, water or electricity bill over the three months to June, with a similar proportion saying they missed a payment on their phone or internet due to financial pressures. Source: The Australian.