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Charity Cost Of Living

Vinnies urges Government to lift income support payments

St Vincent de Paul Society national president Claire Victory said the latest interest rate increase was another setback for Australians struggling to survive the cost-of-living crisis.

Cost Of Living Housing

Albanese Government’s $10b housing fund to target homelessness

The Federal Government will invest $10 billion in a housing future fund, set to be the single biggest investment in social and affordable housing in a decade. Source: The Australian.

Cost Of Living Housing

Families falling short, even with Commonwealth rental assistance

A national coalition of welfare organisations has called on the Albanese Government to increase rent assistance payments by at least 50 per cent as more Australians seek financial assistance to pay for housing. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living

Senate inquiry to probe cost of living, ‘the number one issue’ for Australians

Supermarket giants, energy producers and other major industries will front an inquiry into Australia’s cost-of-living crisis amid calls for the Albanese Government to do more to assist struggling households and business. Source: The Daily Telegraph.

Cost Of Living

Power bills to fall for low-income earners under subsidy scheme

Catholic Social Services Australia says the Albanese Government’s plan to cut power bills will help millions of low-income Australians suffering power stress.

Cost Of Living Welfare

Social security payments get biggest lift in decades

Young people, students and carers will receive the biggest boost to their social security payments in decades on New Year’s Day, but social welfare advocates say it is still not enough. Source: The Guardian.

Charity Cost Of Living

Vinnies calls out high-earning Reserve Bank governor over wage comments 

The St Vincent de Paul Society says low-income workers and income support recipients should not be expected to carry the burden of lowering inflation by living in increasing poverty while company profits and executive salaries move ever higher.

Cost Of Living

Cost-of-living pressures not being felt equally

Low-income households, older households and households with mortgages are facing the highest cost-of-living pressures in Australia, according to new analysis. Source: ABC News.

Cost Of Living

No short-term relief for stretched family budgets

The war in Ukraine, the pandemic and extreme weather events are among the factors contributing to “terrifying” soaring costs of petrol, electricity and gas, says Australian Catholic University’s Andrew Papadimos. Source: The Catholic Weekly.