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Pasi Sahlberg and Dave Runge (Supplied)

Education innovators Pasi Sahlberg and Dave Runge will work with Catholic Education Ballarat to develop a five-year strategic plan to shape education in the diocese.

Professor Sahlberg and Mr Runge will work with Ballarat school communities, diocesan leadership staff and the diocese’s education board to develop the plan.

Professor Sahlberg, currently based at the University of Melbourne, is a former school teacher and director-general of the high-performing Finland education system. He has advised schools and education system leaders around the world, was a professor at UNSW Sydney and a visiting professor of practice at Harvard University.

As Director of Future Schools Australia, Mr Runge has brought a passion for reimagining education to his work with educational organisations across Australia and internationally to build new systems and create innovative outcomes. He has deep expertise in change leadership, culture, and innovation.

“Over the coming months, we seek to shape a vision and plan that will guide our system into the future – an inspiring plan that is enriching, enabling, and grounded in our rich traditions,” Catholic Education Ballarat executive director Tom Sexton said.

“This is an exciting chapter in the history of our diocese, as collectively we look to further ensure our young people, families, and communities are provided with the best possible education opportunities,” he said.

Professor Sahlberg and Mr Runge believe their work with Catholic Education Ballarat will also be of interest to national and international education authorities and policymakers.


Globally recognised education innovators guide plan for Ballarat Diocese Catholic schools (Diocese of Ballarat Catholic Education Ltd)