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Tasmanian Catholic school students can access the service with no fee incurred (Hobart Archdiocese)

Students attending Tasmania’s Catholic schools are benefiting from a state-wide counselling program run by CatholicCare Tasmania. Source: Hobart Archdiocese. 

The school counselling program, which began in 2017, provides child-centred short to medium-term therapeutic intervention to students enrolled in Tasmanian Catholic schools.

Counsellors work with students, parents or carers and teachers in a variety of ways, including individual counselling, facilitation of children’s group programs and activities, parent liaison, and consultation.

School Counselling Program state-wide coordinator Cheree Waddle said the program had grown rapidly with more school counsellors and counselling hours provided to schools. It also expanded to include psychologists.

“It has been great to watch the program grow and allow many children and families the ability to access the therapeutic support that they require,” she said.

“The children demonstrate a positive engagement and outcomes from the program. The school counselling team hold a vast array of knowledge and skills by providing best practice to children in a child-focused way and the continued building of this program is envisaged for the future.”

Students can access the service with no fee incurred.

“As this occurs within their school day, they are not impacted by some of the barriers that exist at times for families in accessing support,” Ms Waddle said.

“The school counsellor can advocate for children and work collaboratively with teachers to ensure their emotional and educational needs are met.”

Ms Waddle said feedback from clients, parents and teachers supported the positive impact on children.

The kind approach of CatholicCare school counsellors has been lifechanging, according to the mother of a local student.

“You made her feel valued, and her fears and worries heard,” she said. “She has found a new calm and a voice for herself. She said it was what she needed.”


A caring and compassionate approach to school counselling (Hobart Archdiocese)