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The Italian edition of Teach Us To Pray is out now, with English and other languages to follow (Vatican Media)

The Vatican’s Dicastery for Evangelisation has issued a new resource on prayer aimed at inviting the faithful to “intensify prayer as a personal dialogue with God” and to reflect on their faith and commitment in today’s world. Source: Vatican News.

The new guidebook, entitled Teach Us to Pray is the latest in a series of resources provided by the Dicastery to assist the Church as she prepares for the celebration of Jubilee 2025.

The title is taken from the request of Jesus’ disciples in the Gospel of St Luke, which provides the framework for the Church’s preparation for the Jubilee.

Inspired by Pope Francis, Teach Us to Pray consists of chapters dedicated to prayer in the parish and in the family; the prayer of young people; prayer in cloistered communities; catechesis; and spiritual retreats; and concludes with a section on “The prayer of the faithful for Jubilee 2025.”

According to a press release announcing the booklet, Teach Us to Pray is intended to offer “reflections, directions, and advice for living more fully in dialogue with the Lord, in relationship with others”.

The Italian version is available to download at no cost from the website of the Dicastery for Evangelisation. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Polish versions will be made available soon.

Pope Francis announced the Year of Prayer ahead of the Jubilee during the Angelus on January 21, when he called on the faithful “to intensify your prayers in order to prepare ourselves to live this event of grace well, and to experience the strength of God’s hope.”

Explaining the purpose of the Year of Prayer, the Pope said the year is “dedicated to rediscovering the great value and absolute need for prayer in personal life, in the life of the Church, and in the world.”


Dicastery for Evangelization offers resource for Year of Prayer (By Christopher Wells, Vatican News)