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Dan Boschetti at Ready to Launch House (VMCH)

An innovative home in regional Victoria is giving young locals with disability a springboard to launch their independence. Source: VMCH.

The Ready to Launch House, run by for-purpose disability and aged organisation VMCH, was officially blessed by Sandhurst Bishop Shane MacKinlay and Monsignor Cris Manongas in Wangaratta on Monday.

Ready to Launch provides practical, real-life experiences for young people wanting to move out of home for the first time in a safe and supportive environment. The program is tailored to each resident’s individual goals and needs. Housemates can stay for as little or as long as they wish until they’re ready to move on.

It’s the first service offering of its kind for the organisation, and fills a vital need in the local area. VMCH is also looking to potentially expand the program into Melbourne in the future. 

Daniel Boschetti, aged 20, currently lives in the house. He says learning skills like budgeting, household tasks, cooking and laundry are boosting his confidence to move out on his own. 

“I have learnt to be more careful with buying things, trying to reduce food wastage and everything that my money needs to cover each week,” Mr Boschetti said. “I would like to get a better paying job, find a home in town or just out of town within my budget. I’m also working hard to get my Ps.” 

VMCH Chief Mission Officer Bridget O’Shannassy described the blessing as a “special day”. 

“The local team went to so much effort, offering us all wonderful hospitality. It was exciting to see all the great things VMCH is achieving in Wangaratta, impacting many lives positively.”

Ready to Launch House is part of an expanding suite of VMCH Disability Services across the Hume region, all geared to help people with disability find and sustain meaningful employment, build life and job skills and live independently. 


Blessing of Ready to Launch House (VMCH)