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Housing Victoria

‘Big Build’ sees social housing stock grow by just 74 dwellings in four years

Victoria’s pool of social housing has grown by just 74 units in four years despite the government embarking on a multibillion-dollar “Big Housing Build” and a growing waitlist for homes. Source: The Guardian.

Education Victoria

Religion class enrolments slump in Victoria’s state schools

Religious instruction has almost disappeared from Victorian state schools, as government changes to make the program voluntary and held outside class hours prompted enrolments to drop by 99 per cent in 10 years. Source: The Age.

Education Victoria

Catholic schools lose students as more families go independent

Victorian Catholic schools have shed students for the first time in more than a decade as families increasingly choose independent schools. Source: The Age.

Politics Victoria

Victorian Government looks to drop Lord’s Prayer

As the Victorian Parliament returns for 2023, MPs will once again rise to the Lord’s Prayer regardless of their religious beliefs. But days appear numbered for the long-standing tradition. Source: SBS News.

Mental Health Victoria

Mental health workers say Victoria’s suicide spike happening nationally

Victoria has recorded its highest number of annual suicides since the Coroner’s Court started collecting suicide data in 2000, with mental health workers saying the trend is occurring nationally. Source: The Guardian.

Prayer Victoria

Councillors push for end to ‘inappropriate’ Christian prayers at meetings

A group of Victorian councillors has written to the state government calling for guidelines to end Christian prayers in local council meetings. Source: The Age.

Abuse crisis Victoria

Hundreds of sexual abuse claims at Victorian state schools

Almost 400 civil claims have been made against the Victorian Government for historical child sexual abuse in state schools in the past 12 years. Source: The Guardian.

Election Victoria

Bishops release voting guide for Victorian election

Victoria’s bishops have written to the state’s Catholic community to provide an election guide designed to help them consider and navigate key issues of significance, particularly those related to the common good.

Education Victoria

Catholic schools welcome Victorian election pledges

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria says the state’s major political parties have recognised the value of Catholic education, with Labor and the Coalition making election pledges to build and upgrade schools. Source: MACS.