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Anthony Hopkins, left, and Matthew Goode in Freud’s Last Session (IMDB)

Freud’s Last Session is a fictional drama in which author CS Lewis debates the existence of God with Sigmund Freud. Source: Australian Catholics.

It is based on a stage play of the same name by Mark St Germain, which itself is based on the 2003 book, The Question of God, by Armand Nicholi.

In the film, a fictional meeting occurs between Irish-born author, literary scholar and Anglican lay-theologian, CS Lewis, and Austrian neurologist, psychologist, and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud – two days after the start of the Second World War.

In the movie, Freud vehemently opposes Lewis’ rejection of his atheism in favour of Christianity, and invites Lewis to debate the existence of God. 

Their interaction in the film targets diverse issues ranging from religious belief to war trauma and mortality. 

Anthony Hopkins brilliantly depicts a dying Freud. Matthew Goode in more laid-back style insightfully plays Lewis, and Liv Lisa Fries sensitively plays Freud’s loving daughter, Anna. 

The film leaves the viewer not with a resolution of its issues, but with admiration that stimulating mental jousting has occurred between two great minds. Some (but not all) of the film’s many flashbacks distract from what is essentially a two-character duelling performance. 

Review by Peter W Sheehan, Jesuit Media

Freud’s Last Session: Starring Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Goode and Liv Lisa Fries. Directed by Matt Brown. Rated M (Mature themes and sexual references). 109 min.


Freud’s Last Session (Jesuit Media v Australian Catholics)