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Ed Simons (MACS)

Schools play an important role in a world with a growing sense of uncertainty, writes Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools executive director Ed Simons. Source: Herald Sun.

In a world marked by a growing sense of disharmony and division, it’s no secret that many young people are grappling with feelings of unhappiness and uncertainty about the future.

The latest World Happiness Report 2024 confirms this concerning trend, revealing that young people in Australia today are “the least happy age group” compared to older generations, despite being among the happiest in 2010.

As a former teacher, principal, and parent of three young children, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and pressures our young people face today.

Top of mind are key issues including the impacts of social media, cyber bullying, disrupted families and dealing with the aftermath of a global pandemic here in the world’s most locked-down city.

I firmly believe that our schools play a critical role in reversing this trend.

At the heart of all our schools are the teachers who enable vibrant centres of learning and growth – forming the head, heart and hands of our young people.

One of the fundamental aspects of Catholic school life is the creation of a supportive and inclusive environment underpinned by our virtues of faith, hope and love.

Faith, in this context, encompasses trust, conviction and purpose. Hope drives ambition and resilience while love and compassion are essential for unity and empathy.

In a divided world, these are not merely idealistic notions, but practical imperatives.

Celebrating teachers is not just about appreciating their hard work and dedication but about acknowledging the profound impact they have on shaping the lives of our young people, from kindergarten through to graduation.


Teachers provide faith, hope and love Dr Ed Simons, of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools says (By Dr Ed Simons, Herald Sun)