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CSBB Director of Schools Danny Casey at the staff strategy day (CSBB)

Catholic Schools Broken Bay (CSBB) has launched two significant initiatives aimed at enhancing educational outcomes and supporting staff wellbeing.

Bishop Anthony Randazzo said the launch of the CSBB Pedagogical Framework and the Fostering Staff Wellbeing and Ensuring a Balanced Workload program, during an all-staff strategy day last week, reflects CSBB’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and staff wellbeing.

“These initiatives represent a significant step forward in our mission to provide an exceptional education experience for our students and a supportive, balanced work environment for our dedicated staff,” Bishop Randazzo said.

“By launching the CSBB Pedagogical Framework and the Fostering Staff Wellbeing and Ensuring a Balanced Workload Program, we reinforce our commitment to a culture of continuous improvement and the development of our Mission”.

The CSBB Pedagogical Framework is a comprehensive guide designed to assist teachers select the most effective teaching strategies. It is distinguished by its holistic, evidence-based design, integrating the latest educational research with practical insights from experienced educators. It is both theoretically sound and practically applicable – a dynamic tool that adapts to the unique learning needs of each student. It empowers CSBB teachers to use their deep professional knowledge to make informed, deliberate decisions to meet needs of every student.

Aligned with the Alice Springs Declaration and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, this framework outlines a repertoire of teaching strategies tailored to different phases of learning.

“Our new Pedagogical Framework will empower our teachers to provide high quality education,” Danny Casey, Director of Schools CSBB, said. “By equipping our teachers with a structured guide, we ensure a consistent delivery of teaching where every student can thrive, and every teacher feels supported in their professional journey.”

In response to feedback from staff, CSBB also introduced the Fostering Staff Wellbeing and Ensuring a Balanced Workload program. Co-constructed by CSBB staff, it aims to enhance both staff wellbeing and workload management.

“We recognise the importance of prioritising and supporting staff wellbeing,” Mr Casey said. “Our new initiatives are a direct response to the needs and feedback of our staff. By fostering a supportive and balanced work environment, we can ensure that our teachers and staff are at their best.”


CSBB Setting the Highest Standards of Teaching Excellence with the CSBB Pedagogical Framework (CSBB)