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New director appointed for Catholic Education in Rockhampton

Rockhampton Bishop Michael McCarthy, has announced the appointment of Mr Michael McCusker as the new Director of Catholic Education for the Rockhampton Diocese effective from July.


Principals face escalating levels of physical violence from students

School leaders have reported high levels of resilience despite facing the worst recorded levels of physical violence, threats of violence, and bullying in the 13-year history of ACU’s annual Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey.

First Nations Schools

Catholic schools support program for Indigenous students

Michael Nayler says it is great to see so many Catholic secondary schools are part of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation program, which supports student educational costs in year 11 and 12. Source: The Catholic Leader.

New South Wales Schools

Another Catholic school hit by asbestos crisis

A Catholic school in Sydney was closed yesterday after asbestos-contaminated garden mulch was discovered on its grounds during a search for the toxin strewn across dozens of public spaces in New South Wales. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Schools South Australia

New law would require SA private schools to release more data

Catholic and independent schools in South Australia would be forced to reveal how often they suspend students, how many serious incidents occur on school grounds and how many complaints they receive, under proposed new laws. Source: The Advertiser.

Politics Schools

Catholic school leaders say report an attack on faith communities

Parents of low-fee Catholic and independent schools would be hit with higher school fees if the Albanese Government doesn’t rule out a radical proposal to scrap tax deductions for donating to school buildings, education leaders say. Source: Daily Telegraph.

In The Dioceses Sacraments Schools

Course creates ‘beautiful’ link between school and parish life

Parish life in Sydney is being future-proofed with a successful partnership between Sydney Catholic Schools and Sydney Archdiocese’s liturgy office to train senior students as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Mental Health Schools

New research suggests ‘absolute crisis’ in wellbeing of Australian children

Australia’s primary school age children are angrier, lonelier, more anxious and less able to control their emotions than they were five years ago, new research finds, despite the increased societal concern for childhood wellbeing. Source: The Australian.


Catholic school parents alarmed by bad behaviour in classrooms

Nearly 60 per cent of Catholic school parents believe increasing disruptive behaviour in their children’s classrooms is causing a decline in their learning, a survey has revealed. Source: The West Australian.