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Climate Environment

Lismore floods used to highlight effects of climate change at COP28

The record 2022 northern New South Wales floods are being used to highlight the effects of climate change at the COP28 United Nations conference this weekend. Source: Daily Telegraph.

Climate Pope Francis

Pope cancels COP28 trip after advice from doctors

Pope Francis has cancelled plans to travel to Dubai this weekend for a United Nations climate conference on the advice of his doctors following ongoing health issues, the Vatican announced. Source: NCR Online.


Indian Church ecology summit lauds ‘net zero’ parish

As Pope Francis prepares to take part in the COP-28 climate change summit in Dubai, a national ecological conference in India suggests the Pontiff’s agenda of environmental concern is taking root at the Church’s local level. Source: Crux.

Climate Vatican

Vatican partners with Volkswagen to deliver all-electric car fleet

The Vatican has announced that it is partnering with the car manufacturer Volkswagen to introduce an all-electric, zero-impact car fleet in the Vatican by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal established by Pope Francis in 2020. Source: CNA.

Climate Environment Pope Francis

Pope to address COP28 climate change conference in Dubai

Pope Francis has confirmed he will attend the United Nations’ COP28 climate change conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Source: NCR Online.

Charity Climate Ecology

Caritas report gives a voice to victims of climate change

Caritas Internationalis has launched a new report that reveals the experiences of people displaced by climate change. Source: Caritas Australia.

Climate Peace Pope Francis

Pope tells leaders to stop war and climate change ‘before it’s too late’

Kicking off a global meeting of leaders, Pope Francis told former US president Bill Clinton and the global community to take action to ensure peace for future generations and stop climate change “before it’s too late”. Source: NCR Online.

Climate Environment

Pope offers encouragement to delegates at COP27 conference

As delegates continue deliberations at the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference in Egypt, Pope Francis offered his encouragement for efforts to protect the environment. Source: Vatican News.

Climate Environment

Climate change the biggest global issue for Australians

Polling commissioned by Caritas Australia has found climate change is the biggest global concern for two-thirds of Australians, easily outranking armed conflict, even as war rages in Ukraine.