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Global Church Sacraments

Eucharistic Congress to embrace theme of ‘fraternity to heal the world’

The International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Quito, Ecuador, this September will emphasise commitment to “life” and “fraternity”, according to the local archbishop. Source: CNA.

Global Church

New Church statistics reveal more Catholics, fewer vocations

The Holy See has published the 2024 Pontifical Yearbook and the 2022 Statistical Yearbook of the Church, detailing the numbers of bishops, priests, men and women religious, and deacons throughout the world. Source: Vatican News. 

Africa Global Church

Nigerian prelate says Catholicism ‘evolving toward Africa’

A Nigerian archbishop has said that Africans see Catholicism in the West as a “Church in decline”, while in Africa, Christianity is flourishing because of a strong biblical faith and traditional moral convictions. Source: Crux.

Global Church

Global Catholic population rising as number of priests, religious falls

Marking the 97th World Mission Sunday yesterday, the Vatican has published statistics that offer a perspective of the missionary Church present all over the world. Source: Vatican News.

Global Church Vatican

Pope creates 21 cardinals from 15 different countries

Pope Francis created 21 new cardinals from across the world at a consistory on Saturday, reflecting on how the geographic expansion of the Church’s leadership represents a fulfilment of the promise of Pentecost. Source: National Catholic Register.

Global Church

Pope names 21 new cardinals from around the world

Pope Francis announced yesterday that he will hold a consistory for the creation of 21 new cardinals at the end of September. Source: Crux.

Canon Law Global Church

Pope Francis extends time to appeal dismissal from consecrated life

Pope Francis has amended canon law to give members of institutes of consecrated life more time to appeal a dismissal. Source: CNA.

Church Life Global Church

Where in the world is Mass attendance highest?

The nation with the best Mass attendance in the world could be Nigeria, according to a new study published by the United States-based Centre for Applied Research in the Apostolate. Source: Aleteia.