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Europe Migrants

Pope prays for migrants lost at sea in latest Mediterranean tragedy

Pope Francis and leaders of the Church in Italy have expressed their pain and sent prayers for the eternal rest of at least 59 migrants who died in a shipwreck yesterday off the southern coast of Italy. Source: ACI Prensa.


Rezoning of Dublin Church buildings ‘extraordinary attack on Catholic faith’

A row has erupted between Dublin City Council and the Archdiocese of Dublin over the listing of a number of churches and parish halls, currently in active use, for residential development. Source: The Tablet.

Abuse crisis Europe

Independent commission releases report on abuse in Church in Portugal

At least 4815 children were sexually abused by members of the Church in Portugal over the past 70 years, according to a report by the commission investigating the issue. Source: Reuters.

Europe Religious Orders

‘Rebel nuns’ of the Amalfi Coast expelled from convent, religious life

Two members of the Urbanist Poor Clare Sisters of Italy, who refused to abandon their 13th century convent slated for closure, have been dismissed by the Vatican from religious life. Source: Crux.

Abuse crisis Europe

Investigation into Northern Ireland’s forced adoptions reaches Australia

Australian Federal Police are searching for women and children who may have been affected by the practice of forced adoption in Northern Ireland. Source:

Europe Legal Matters

French bishops set up national Church court

France’s Catholic bishops have set up what they believe to be the world’s first major national Church court, replacing a previous network of local tribunals. Source NCR Online.


Italy’s southern bishops gear up to support anti-mafia priests

Italy’s bishops conference for the southern region of Campania, notorious for its mafia activity, has announced the establishment of diocesan commissions to support and guide anti-mafia priests. Source: Crux.


Dutch acolyte wears his faith on his sleeve

For one day only, St Nicholas Basilica in Amsterdam turned into the workplace of tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. The well-known Dutch artist tattooed his recently auctioned image of St Nicholas on the forearm of the lucky winner. Source: Crux.

Europe Pope Francis

Russia confirms Pope helped with prisoner swaps

Russia’s ambassador to the Vatican confirmed Pope Francis helped facilitate recent prisoner exchanges with Ukraine and said the Vatican is ready to act as a mediator between Ukraine and Russia. Source: OSV News.