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Europe Euthanasia

France postpones euthanasia bill until after papal stopover 

France appears set to legalise assisted suicide but will delay the presentation of its new end-of-life bill until after Pope Francis visits Marseille this week. Source: The Tablet.

Abuse crisis Europe

Vatican investigating Swiss bishops’ handling of abuse cases

The Swiss Bishops Conference has revealed an ongoing Vatican-ordered investigation into the handling of sexual abuse allegations by Church officials, with the inquiry expected to run until at least the end of the year. Source: CNA.


Italian priest shoots himself in the foot over rifle blessing

A priest in northern Italy who had announced plans to bless rifles to celebrate the opening of hunting season has been forced to backtrack and apologise after a social media backlash against the idea of appearing to sanctify weapons. Source: Crux.

Europe Fundraising

French mayor cycles to Rome to save dilapidated church

A needy but determined mayor has pedalled 750km by bicycle from Nice to Rome to raise funds to renovate the dilapidated 12th-century church in his village in northern France. Source: The Tablet.

Europe Vocations

Pilgrims climb ‘the Reek’ to promote vocations in Ireland

Bishops joined 4000 pilgrims from across Ireland in the annual Reek Sunday pilgrimage climb of Croagh Patrick as part of the Church’s drive for vocations to the priesthood. Source: UCA News.

Abortion Europe

Bishops condemn European Union’s drafting of ‘right to abortion’

European bishops have condemned the drafting of a right to abortion in the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights, arguing that the proposed amendment would run afoul of European Union law and human dignity. Source: CNA.

Europe History

Eleventh-century skeletons and remains of church found in Dublin excavation

An excavation in central Dublin has uncovered a burial site with more than 100 medieval skeletons and the remains of an 11th-century church, which archaeologists say sheds light on how late Viking-era Dublin became Christian. Source: The Tablet.

Europe History

Cardinal apologises for role in WWII massacre of soldier who became bishop

Cardinal Reinhard Marx on Sunday asked for forgiveness in the case of a World War II massacre in Italy on the orders of a man who went on to become a bishop in Munich. Source: CNA.


French religious leaders call for calm and dialogue

France’s bishops joined other religious leaders over the weekend in responding to the ongoing unrest in their country with a call for peace, dialogue and a return to calm. Source: CNA.