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Catholic insurer’s $275m loss amid questions over future payouts

Catholic Church Insurance has suffered a nearly $275 million loss, and its net assets fell to close to $10 million last financial year as the business winds down. Source: The Australian.


Church insurer’s insolvency battle amid abuse claims

Catholic Church Insurance is planning to enter a scheme of arrangement amid uncertainty over the quantum of historical sexual abuse and other claims, and to avoid formal insolvency. Source: The Australian.


Catholic insurer folds, but abuse payouts to stand

Catholic Church Insurance will wind down after failing to receive another financial lifeline amid large numbers of historical sexual abuse and other claims. Source: The Australian.

Abuse crisis Insurance

Church insurer facing challenges due to abuse claims

Church leaders say they remain fully committed to engaging with survivors of abuse with justice and compassion, including in the payment of compensation, as changes at Catholic Church Insurance loom. Source: The Australian.