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Formation Spirituality

Spiritual directors helping people ‘pay attention’ to God in their lives

A growing number of people are being formed to become spiritual directors, with Australian Catholic University now offering their courses online, making them even more widely available.

Formation Leadership

Leadership formation crucial to staying ‘on mission’

Executive leaders of Catholic organisations and ministries could strengthen the culture of their workforce by taking advantage of leadership and mission formation opportunities, according to ACU Associate Professor Fr Jamie Calder SJ. Source: ACU.


Women’s groups join forces with eye to the future

While many faith-based groups and activities struggled to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, one group was exploring ways to grow and enrich its offerings. Source: The Bridge.

Education Formation

Opus Dei study centre lodges plans to expand

An Opus Dei study centre in northwest Sydney is looking to expand as the reach and popularity of the Catholic group grows. Source: Hills Shire Times.


Brisbane launches Centre for Catholic Formation

Strong demand to learn more about the Catholic faith and how to share it with others has sparked Brisbane Archdiocese to launch the Centre for Catholic Formation, with courses on offer from early next year. Source: The Catholic Leader.