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Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner in Fall (IMDB)

A necessary caution for those who are vertiginously inclined, afraid of heights and agoraphobic: As the title, Fall, indicates, in a film about climbers there is always the possibility of a fall. Source: Jesuit Media.

But for those audiences who identify with enthusiastic daring and enjoy climbing, this is your film.

Fall opens with climbers on bare high rock faces, but the main focus is on two women, Becky (Currey) and Hunter (Gardner), who decide to climb a 610-metre-high television tower in the desert

One of the intriguing aspects while watching Fall is contemplating how the filmmakers put together a film about climbing and its dangers in such a way that the audience feels it is doing the hard work in climbing to the top of the tower.

The way filmmakers keep our interest is, of course, by introducing the human elements – the friendship between the two girls and the tragic death of Becky’s husband, as well as the different ways of coping, drinking to forget or facing the reality. All of this means that in the background of the climbing is a great deal of sentiment with touches of melodrama.

One after the other, the women are challenged by all kinds of difficulties, testing their ingenuity, possible solutions, the excitement of trying out each solution and the dismay when all of them – all of them – fail.

Fall is a film of some vicarious thrills but at two hours, there’s plenty of potential for agoraphobia.

Fall: Starring Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Directed by Scott Mann. 107 minutes. Rated M (Sustained tension, injury detail and coarse language).


Fall (By Fr Peter Malone MSC, Jesuit Media via Australian Catholics