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Nilan and other seminarians in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Catholic Mission)

A young seminarian is pursuing his own spiritual development to become a future Church leader in Colombo, Sri Lanka, thanks to the support of Catholic Mission. 

In a country where the economic and social crisis disproportionately affected the most vulnerable communities, seminarian Nilan is determined to become a priest to serve his community by providing it with pastoral care and tangible support. 

Nilan is studying at St Aloysius Seminary in Colombo, and with the support of Catholic Mission he is able to continue his journey to become a priest with the objective of dedicating his life to serving others.

Catholic Mission is the Australian agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies, the Church’s global organisation dedicated to continuing Jesus Christ’s mission in the world. Catholic Mission contributes funding and project support to critical Church-run initiatives in Africa, Asia, Oceania, and South America. These include spiritual formation, pastoral care, education, health, sanitation, and agricultural programs. 

Catholic Mission national director Fr Brian Lucas said: “We are incredibly grateful for the support of our donors, who make it possible for us to make a real difference in supporting the spiritual development of future Church leaders like Nilan.

“Their generosity allows us to provide them with an opportunity to pursue their calling, so one day they will become the cornerstone of their communities by dedicating themselves to serving those who need it most. Especially in a context where the aftermath of the civil war and the COVID-19 pandemic have left many communities in poverty and without access to basic services.”



Nilan’s Story A powerful reminder of the importance of supporting missionary work in Sri Lanka (Catholic Mission)