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At least six terminally ill South Australians have ended their lives since euthanasia legislation was enacted in the state on January 31. Source: The Advertiser.

In the first six weeks since the legislation came into effect, 32 people have made a first request to commence the voluntary assisted dying process, with 11 permits being issued by SA Health.

For many reasons, not all people who make a formal first request or who receive a permit proceed to the final stage of the VAD process, however SA Health is aware of at least six South Australians who have died after being administered or self-administering a voluntary assisted dying substance in accordance with the Act.

SA Health, in a statement, said the Act is operating as intended, with all safeguards in place working effectively. Under the Act, a person with a terminal illness may access voluntary assisted dying in South Australia if they meet all eligibility criteria.

Forty-four medical practitioners have now completed the mandatory voluntary assisted dying training, and a further 54 have registered but not yet completed the training.


At least six South Australians end life under new assisted dying laws (By Nathan Davies, The Advertiser)


More than 30 terminally ill patients seek access to voluntary assisted dying scheme in less than two months (ABC News)