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More than 100 people die in three months under NSW euthanasia laws

A New South Wales Government report on voluntary assisted dying has found 131 deaths have been linked with the service since its introduction. Source: ABC News.

Europe Euthanasia

European Church leaders welcome ruling on assisted suicide

Catholic Church representatives have welcomed a ruling by Europe’s top human rights court that countries have no obligation to allow physician-assisted suicide. Source: OSV News.


New push to relax Victoria’s euthanasia laws

Pro-euthanasia advocates are calling for Victoria’s assisted dying laws to be overhauled, arguing it’s time the state is brought into line with others that have implemented more lenient rules. Source: The Age.


ACT passes euthanasia bill based on ‘mistaken compassion’: Archbishop

The Voluntary Assisted Dying bill was passed through the ACT Legislative Assembly yesterday, marking a significant shift in the territory’s healthcare landscape. Source: Catholic Voice.

Europe Euthanasia

Physically healthy young woman dies by euthanasia in Netherlands

A physically healthy 29-year-old woman was allowed to end her life through euthanasia in the Netherlands on the grounds of depression, sparking renewed debate about the sanctity of life and legislation. Source: CNA.


Streamlined debate on ACT euthanasia bill set to begin today

A Labor backbencher will hold off on moving amendments to the ACT’s voluntary assisted dying legislation being debated this week, that would allow people to access euthanasia after losing decision-making capacity. Source: Canberra Times. 

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Euthanasia is a ‘failure of love’ in a throwaway culture

Euthanasia “is a failure of love, a reflection of the throwaway culture”, despite being falsely presented as “a form of compassion”, Pope Francis said. Source: Vatican News.


ACT to empower lawyers to make euthanasia decision

Terminally ill people who lose their mental capacity would be able to access euthanasia under a nation-first proposal being weighed by the ACT Government that could pave the way for dementia patients to end their own lives. Source: The Australian. 


ACT lawmakers flag further euthanasia changes

People who lose decision-making capacity after being approved for voluntary assisted dying may still be able to access assisted death in the ACT, with a Labor backbencher to consult on possible amendments to the laws. Source: Canberra Times.