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Euthanasia United Kingdom

British archbishop says Catholics must fight euthanasia campaign

The United Kingdom is gripped by the “aggressive promotion” of doctor-assisted killing, according to a British archbishop who has urged Catholics to write to their local MPs to resist changes to laws prohibiting euthanasia. Source: Catholic Herald.

Europe Euthanasia

Church condemns Macron’s ‘deceitful’ end-of-life bill

The head of the French bishops’ conference has denounced proposals for a new end-of-life law that would allow assisted suicide under strict conditions as “deceitful”. Source: The Tablet.

Euthanasia Northern Territory

Lawyers push to legalise euthanasia via telehealth

The peak body for lawyers has called for the scrapping of federal laws prohibiting use of telehealth consultations to facilitate access to euthanasia, urging the Northern Territory to push for the laws to be changed as it formulates its own scheme. Source: The Australian. 


Parts of ACT’s euthanasia bill to be rewritten

Officials have already been tasked with rewriting parts of the ACT’s proposed euthanasia laws, with the Government saying it intended to begin debating the bill in the first half of this year. Source: Canberra Times.


Dissenting MPs blast ACT’s ‘extreme’ euthanasia proposal

An ACT Legislative Assembly committee has recommended changes to a bill that would legalise voluntary euthanasia, to “more clearly define” who would be eligible for the scheme. Source: ABC News.


Parties commit to conscience vote on NT euthanasia bill

If a bill to legalise euthanasia was presented to the Northern Territory Parliament today, only 40 per cent of NT politicians would actively support it. Source: NT News.


Church will ‘not condone’ scare tactics in NT euthanasia debate

Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci maintains the Church will “not condone” actions that corrupt debate around the proposed legalisation of euthanasia in the Northern Territory. Source: NT News. 


Legalising euthanasia in NT could ‘further marginalise’ Indigenous communities

Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci has raised concerns that introducing voluntary euthanasia in the Northern Territory without addressing existing inequalities could “further marginalise” Indigenous communities. Source: The Australian.


NT surveys public support on euthanasia for mentally ill 

Northern Territory Labor is surveying whether there is public support for allowing people to access euthanasia because of mental illness, prompting concerns the Government is considering offering vulnerable patients “death instead of the support they need”. Source: The Australian.