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Aged Care

Tasmanian health provider ‘deserves praise, not brickbats’

Catholic Health Australia has defended the record of Tasmania’s largest aged care provider, Southern Cross Care, as it adjusts to a new funding regime and continues to offer care despite the massive financial headwinds facing the sector.

Aged Care

New training requirements for aged and disability care

Aged and disability care staff will be trained to give medication and report malnutrition and dehydration in elderly nursing home residents, in long-awaited changes recommended by the royal commission into abuse and neglect. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

Catholic sector says support workers need wage boost too

Catholic Health Australia has welcomed the Fair Work Commission’s interim decision to award aged care workers a 15 per cent pay rise but says support workers also need a wage boost to stop them leaving the sector.

Aged Care

Aged care workers win 15 per cent pay rise

Aged care workers will receive a 15 per cent pay boost after the Fair Work Commission handed down its decision in the high-profile wage case backed by the Albanese Government. Source: The Age.

Aged Care

Minister: System not ready for ageing baby boomers

The ageing of the nation’s baby boomers could see demand for high-end aged care surge by as much as 9 per cent annually for the next two decades. Source: The Australian.