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Catholic communities are being invited to consider how the outcomes of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia can be integrated into local contexts with the help of a new study guide. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

Dozens of decisions were made during the second assembly of the Plenary Council last year, contained in 10 decrees. While those decrees are awaiting recognition from the Dicastery for Bishops before they can be promulgated, some initial reflection and planning can be carried out for their implementation.

“We are mindful of the enthusiasm that existed around the Plenary Council and the desire to start building on the decisions that were made in that historic moment for the Church in Australia,” said Bishop Shane Mackinlay, who was the Council’s vice-president.

“By preparing Carrying Forward the Plenary Council, we are encouraging Catholic parishes, schools and other communities to pray about, reflect upon and review what your community is already doing, or could be doing, in relation to acting on the commitments the Council members made.

“This can help us continue with the synodal journey, walking together and encountering the face of Christ in each person.”

Bishop Mackinlay said the guide will be particularly relevant for those who participated in the Plenary Council process and those who have been involved with preparing for the Synod of Bishops for a Synodal Church, but also for people who are new to the path of synodality.

The document was released at Pentecost, a key moment in each of the past six years for the Plenary Council journey.

Carrying Forward the Plenary Council can be accessed on the Plenary Council website:


(ACBC Media Blog)