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Pope Francis said that every new job created is shared wealth (Bigstock)

Pope Francis told a group of entrepreneurs this week that work’s greatest value comes from human beings, not from machines. Source: National Catholic Register.

He also said businessmen and businesswomen can contribute to the common good through job creation, especially for young people.

“Today, an increasingly important way of participating in the common good is to create jobs, jobs for everyone, especially young people — trust young people: They need work, and you need them,” he said in the message delivered on Monday.

“Every new job created is shared wealth,” the Pope said, “which does not end up in the banks to generate financial interest but is invested so that new people can work and make their lives more dignified.”

“Work is legitimately important,” he underlined. “For if it is true that work ennobles man, it is even truer that it is man who ennobles work. It is we, and not the machines, who are the true value of work.”

Francis’ message was read by Bishop Matthieu Rougé of the Diocese of Nanterre, France, on the first day of the Meeting of Entrepreneurs of France at the Paris Longchamp Racecourse on Monday. 

Human capital is worth more than economic and financial capital, the Pope said, encouraging entrepreneurs to live their jobs like a vocation and “moral task.” He also urged them to contribute their creativity to civil society.


Pope Francis: People — Not Machines — Are the Value of Work (CNA via National Catholic Register)