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A program in session at the Hutt St Centre, Adelaide (The Southern Cross)

A new program at Adelaide’s Hutt St Centre is providing much-needed support and connection for men at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Source: The Southern Cross. 

Once a month, the centre, a work of the Daughters of Charity, offers activities, afternoon tea, and talks from guest speakers on important topics such as mental wellbeing, respectful relationships, health and fitness.

Launched during Men’s Health Week in June, the manKIND program has continued to grow and evolve, resonating with men who attend.

It follows the introduction in June last year of IGNITE, a monthly event to empower women at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Chief executive Chris Burns said manKIND was part of Hutt St Centre’s commitment to providing holistic care for the men who come through their doors.

“Approximately 60 per cent of men are sleeping rough when they first come to Hutt St Centre and many have experienced broken relationships and mental health issues,” he said.

“Specialised support like that offered by manKIND is important for connecting men to resources and opportunities to help them on their journey to homefulness.”


Life-long connections at Hutt St Centre (The Southern Cross)