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The concert celebrated the 125th anniversary of St Patrick’s Cathedral pipe organ (Parramatta Diocese)

An internationally acclaimed organist and members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra have helped Parramatta Diocese celebrate the 125th anniversary of the pipe organ at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Source: Catholic Outlook. 

More than 200 people gathered to listen to organist David Drury, along with string players and timpani from the orchestra and St Patrick’s Cathedral choir and organists at the November 12 concert celebration.

“We are truly blessed that our cathedral church, dedicated in 2003, should have such a fine instrument which can be used to enhance the liturgy and worship of God, as well as supporting other musical activities,” Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv said.

“This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council document Sacrosanctum Concilium, promulgated on 4 December 1963, which laid out the foundation for the reform of the Church’s liturgy. In that document, it states that ‘the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem in the Latin Church, since it is the traditional instrument, the sound of which can add a wonderful splendour to the Church’s ceremonies and powerfully lift up peoples’ minds to God and higher things’,” Bishop Long said.  

The pipe organ was built in 1898 by London firm, Norman & Beard for St Saviours, Walton Place, London where it was used for 100 years before it was brought to Parramatta.

“[This] is a significant milestone for an instrument like this. We’re blessed to have this instrument as part of our church and I thought it was important to celebrate what a wonderful organ we have here in Western Sydney,” said the cathedral’s director of music, Bernard Kirkpatrick. 

The 90-minute concert concluded with a presentation of the proceeds from the event to the House of Welcome – a charity created to provide a compassionate response to refugees affected by government policies. 

A video highlight of the concert can be seen on the diocesan YouTube channel.


Harmony in Heritage: St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta Celebrates 125 Years of its Pipe Organ with Grand Organ Concert (By Anita Sulentic, Catholic Outlook)