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The document is available on the Adelaide Archdiocese’s website (The Southern Cross)

A document that provides a framework to support positive relationships between Adelaide parishes and Catholic school communities has been officially launched. Source: The Southern Cross.

More than 200 Catholic school principals, assistant principals, parish priests, parish pastoral council chairs, Catholic Education SA and archdiocesan leaders, together with parishioners from around the state, gathered at the Vietnamese Catholic Community in Pooraka on November 17 for an information session on “Being Church Together”.

There have been several iterations of the document since the first working draft was penned in 2018 following visitations to parishes and schools as part of the archdiocesan renewal program. The current offering was produced by the archdiocese’s pastoral services team following consultation with Catholic Education SA leaders and the Port Pirie Diocese.

The 2023 version reflects the developments in the local, national and global Church – particularly synodality – and draws on real-life experiences of parishes and schools across South Australia. It includes a section on “activating principles for good practice” in which communities are encouraged to reflect on their current realities, imagine a vision for the future, and discern strategies for action.

In launching the document, Adelaide Archbishop Patrick O’Regan spoke of his experience attending the Synod on Syndodality in Rome in October and the unique offering of Catholic education in Australia. He said it was important there was a strong relationship between parishes and school communities.

“I’m delighted that we have such a wonderful document. This is an indication of where we are going, this is not only the roadmap but the vehicle by which we can travel – but we travel together on the way,” he said.

Being Church Together is available online at


Drawing parishes and schools closer together (By Lindy McNamara, The Southern Cross