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The message, “Artificial Intelligence and Peace”, was addressed to all men and women in the world (Bigstock)

All forms of artificial intelligence should be used to alleviate suffering, promote integral development and help end wars, not increase inequality and injustice in the world, Pope Francis said in his message for World Peace Day 2024. Source: OSV News.

“Artificial intelligence ought to serve our best human potential and our highest aspirations, not compete with them,” the Pope said in his message for the January 1 commemoration.

The message, “Artificial Intelligence and Peace”, was addressed to all men and women in the world, and in particular to heads of state and government and the leaders of the different religions and civil society. It was released yesterday at a Vatican news conference.

The Pope’s message highlighted the “need to strengthen or, if necessary, to establish bodies charged with examining the ethical issues arising in this field and protecting the rights of those who employ forms of artificial intelligence or are affected by them”.

The impact of any form of artificial intelligence “depends not only on its technical design, but also on the aims and interests of its owners and developers, and on the situations in which it will be employed”, he said.

Positive outcomes “will only be achieved if we show ourselves capable of acting responsibly and respect such fundamental human values as ‘inclusion, transparency, security, equity, privacy and reliability’,” the Pope added.

The huge advances in new information technologies, he said, “offer exciting opportunities and grave risks, with serious implications for the pursuit of justice and harmony among peoples”.

Pope Francis said, “We need to be aware of the rapid transformations now taking place and to manage them in ways that safeguard fundamental human rights and respect the institutions and laws that promote integral human development.”


AI must serve human potential, not compete against it, Pope says (By Carol Glatz, CNS via OSV News)


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