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People pray 200 meters from an abortion clinic in Brisbane (The Catholic Leader/40 Days for Life Brisbane)

Pro-life advocates are back on the streets of Brisbane praying for an end to abortion over the 40 days of Lent. Source: The Catholic Leader.

40 Days For Life president Brendan Wong says he is praying harder than ever for an end to abortion.

“The plight of the unborn is still a very live issue,” he said. “It’s one of those issues that requires constant vigilance, prayer, and fasting.

“During this Lenten period, it’s an ideal time for Christians of all faith traditions to get going on the number one social justice issue of our time.”

He hopes this year’s campaign would spark a resurgence of support.

The 40 Days for Life Brisbane campaign is held outside the legislated “safe-zones” which prohibits any form of protesting within 150 meters of an abortion clinic in Queensland.

Mr Wong said when the laws were introduced, there was a galvanisation of support for the prayer group but since then the momentum has trailed off.

“People may have lost track of (40 Days for Life) over time and now’s the time to remind them that we’re still going,” he said.

“It hasn’t changed for us – regardless of law changes or COVID, it’s still the ongoing call that we have to do something about this.”

Queensland’s abortion laws have been in place since 2018.

The laws allow abortion on demand up to 22 weeks and up to birth with the approval of two doctors. Abortion is now legal in all states and territories in Australia.

Earlier this year, Queensland’s Labor Party introduced a bill that would allow nurses and midwives to dispense, prescribe, administer or supply MS-2 Step in the early stages of pregnancy.

MS-2 Step is a product that can be used to abort an unborn child up to 63 days into the pregnancy. It is expected the bill will pass Queensland Parliament.


Prayer for plight of the unborn continues in Brisbane this Lent (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)