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Brian Stacey (Catholic Voice)

The St Vincent de Paul Society ACT’s new president has described Australia’s rise in the cost of living and housing unaffordability as both a crisis and a national emergency. Source: Catholic Voice.

Brian Stacey, an anthropologist who has dedicated much of his professional career to working with Indigenous people, said one of his main priorities is raising awareness in the ACT of those experiencing financial hardships.

Housing unaffordability is no longer an individual problem for the poor or disadvantaged, Mr Stacey said. The problem is now widespread.

“It’s been described as a crisis, but I think it’s a national emergency,” he said.

“Particularly in Queensland but also in the ACT, many can’t afford the rising cost of living and high rentals are just making it impossible for some to make ends meet.

“Although we hear news reports from the media about the housing issue, in Canberra, a jurisdiction which is one of the most affluent in Australia, it is often unseen. The issue is hidden for many, but you’ll see it when you visit some of the suburbs.”

An expert in Indigenous affairs, Mr Stacey is finishing up his role as a professor in practice with the First Nations portfolio at the Australian National University to dedicate more time and energy to his new role in Vinnies. 

He encouraged parishioners to think about joining their local Vinnies, saying that one of the main reasons he joined was a realisation that salvation is integrally linked with taking practical action to support the poor

“I think Vinnies is an excellent instrument, a perfect vehicle for taking practical action on a day-to-day basis, and also, it’s just been a great opportunity for me. It’s been the best decision I’ve made in my life – the wonderful people I’ve met, and being involved has deepened my faith.”


New ACT Vinnies President says housing unaffordability a ‘national emergency’ (Catholic Voice)