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Danielle Cronin (Catholic Schools NSW)

Catholic Schools NSW is “answering the call” of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia with its Connected Catholic Communities Symposium and Masterclass, to be held next week. 

Catholic Schools NSW has embarked upon this bold initiative to respond, in part, to the outcomes of the Plenary Council, which concluded in July 2022. The Plenary Council called on those responsible for Catholic education, including parents and parishes, to identify and respond to the diverse needs and distinct circumstances of Catholic schools in Australia today. 

A diverse cross-section of the Catholic education community will gather in Sydney on March 11 and 12 to explore the symposium’s central question: How might we transform our work and the services we provide to our students, families and staff to ensure vibrant and flourishing Catholic school communities?

Symposium participants – including people from education settings, parent bodies, parishes, Catholic social services and health providers – will explore opportunities for enhanced partnerships to better meet the needs of families.

They will also hear from schools and education systems that have already embarked on the journey of a more “joined-up” partnership approach to delivering school education. These partnerships involve parishes, early childhood, outside school hours care, health and allied health.

“As our schools are asked to do more and be more in their communities, we know the key to answering the call of the Plenary Council is exploring how we might leverage the vast footprint of the Catholic Church, in mutually supportive and reinforcing ways, to build and sustain flourishing ‘connected Catholic communities,” said Danielle Cronin, Catholic Schools NSW director of education policy.

Limited places are still available to attend one or both of the days. Details: Connected Catholic Communities: Masterclass & Symposium 2024.


Catholic Schools NSW to launch its Connected Catholic Communities Symposium & Masterclass (Catholic Schools NSW)