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Pro-life supports cross the River Torrens footbridge in Adelaide during the Walk for Life (The Southern Cross)

An estimated crowd of 4000 people of all ages took part in Adelaide’s fifth consecutive Walk for Life through the city’s Pennington Gardens. Source: The Southern Cross.

With abortion to birth now legal in South Australia, the February 10 event was a public witness of the value and dignity of the life of unborn children from the earliest time in their mothers’ womb.

Among those officially welcomed, including state and federal members of parliament, were the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Adelaide, Bishop Silouan of Sinope, and Adelaide Archdiocese vicar general Fr Dean Marin. Many other Christian churches and communities were also present.

After prayer, songs and speeches, the crowd walked along King William Road to the steps of Parliament House on North Terrace, then back over the River Torrens footbridge to finish at the starting point alongside Adelaide Oval.

The founding director of Love Adelaide, Jodie Pickard, spoke of how the pro-life movement was gathering momentum, extending to Sydney and evolving into “Love Australia”.

She said it was hoped two pro-life private members’ bills would be debated by state and federal parliaments seeking to save aborted babies born alive. She reinforced that every life is a gift given by God for His glory.

Pastor Brian Ottinger, visiting from North Carolina in the US, spoke of the ministry of “Love Life”, a pro-life prayer movement in various US states.

He made the point that as abortion is a life and death issue, it is a Gospel issue. He emphasised that the pro-life movement is not about condemning women or anyone involved in an abortion, but about offering the love, forgiveness and healing of Christ.

Joanna Howell of Adelaide University was the final speaker at the rally. The Noarlunga/Seaford parishioner spoke passionately of how she “couldn’t stay silent” when realising the legislation was being prepared to allow abortion up to birth. Professor Howell said she was committed to raising a petition to the South Australian Parliament to amend the current law. 


Walk for Life gaining momentum (By Fr Dean Marin, The Southern Cross)