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Anthony Albanese addresses the National Small Business Summit yesterday (Facebook/AnthonyAlbanese)

Households hoping for cost-of-living relief will welcome comments from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese yesterday that hinted at extended energy price help in this year’s federal Budget. Source:

In a speech to the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia National Small Business Summit, Mr Albanese touted the package from the last Budget that gave eligible families up to $500 off their power bills and eligible small businesses up to $650.

“Helping Australian families and small family businesses with their energy bills was a key priority in last year’s Budget. It helped people under pressure – and it helped fight inflation,” Mr Albanese said.

“And as we put together next month’s Budget, small businesses and families will again be front and centre in our thinking.”

The comments are the strongest indication yet that the energy price help will be retained for another year.

Power prices have risen significantly in recent years, although draft determinations by energy regulators for much of eastern and southern Australia indicate households are set to see their bills decrease next financial year, while others will only receive small increases.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has previously said that cost-of-living relief will form part of the Budget when it is unveiled on May 14.

But he also warned last month against expecting too many new policies, noting that many of the most significant programs – such as the stage 3 tax cuts rework and superannuation on paid parental leave – have already been announced.

“Any extra help will be targeted, responsible and affordable. There will not be big cash splashes in the Budget, simple as that,” Mr Chalmers said.


Anthony Albanese hints energy price cost-of-living relief will be included in federal Budget (By Daniel Jeffrey,