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Cardinal Stephen Chow SJ (Vatican Media)

Hong Kong bishop Cardinal Stephen Chow has paid another “bridge-building” trip to dioceses in mainland China, about a year after his historic visit to Beijing on a similar mission. Source: UCA News.

Cardinal Chow led a delegation to three regions in Guangdong province in southern China during the April 22-26 visit, Hong Kong diocesan publication Sunday Examiner reported on Friday.

Ten Church representatives, including clergy and laity, visited the Guangzhou Diocese, Shantou Diocese and the Church in Shenzhen in Guangdong.

The delegation sought to strengthen their understanding of one another and explore opportunities for future cooperation, the report said.

Among the delegates were Hong Kong’s auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing and Vicar Generals Fr Peter Choy Wai-man, Fr Paul Kam Po-wai and Fr Joseph Chan Wing-chiu.

Cardinal Chow has been keen on visiting Guangdong since his trip to Beijing last April and Beijing Archbishop Li Shan’s reciprocal visit to Hong Kong in November of the same year.

The visit was not publicised as it was “only intended to bring the dioceses in South China closer together,” the Sunday Examiner explained.

The delegation had the opportunity to exchange thoughts on various areas, including youth ministry, catechism, and family issues, the report said.

Moreover, they gained insights into different aspects such as the devotion and commitment of Catholic laity, the significance of upholding Catholic marriage, and the importance of environmental protection.

Cardinal Chow urged the laity to also participate in the bridge-building process.

“I encourage Hong Kong people to invite their brothers and sisters there to gather in Hong Kong as they travel to mainland China. Let’s visit one another and create more chances to meet; this is a sign of a family,” the cardinal said. 

The visits come as a deal between the Vatican and China on the governance of the Catholic Church in the communist country is set to expire in October.


HK cardinal makes another trip to mainland China (UCA News)