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CHA says the Government must act to ensure older Australians have access to the quality care they deserve (Bigstock)

Catholic Health Australia has called on the Albanese Government to pursue aged care reform to safeguard quality and dignified care for older Australians.

Amid reports yesterday that the federal Budget will not address the recommendations of the Aged Care Taskforce, the peak body representing 350 Catholic aged care facilities said there was no time for delay.

“With most aged care facilities running at a loss, the Government must urgently enact funding reforms to ensure older Australians have access to the quality care they deserve,” CHA chief executive Jason Kara said.

“This is especially important for Australians in regional towns and remote areas where limited aged care services are under severe financial pressure and at risk of closing down.”

In March, the taskforce recommended greater personal contributions to the cost of accommodation and daily living expenses for those who can afford it, while retaining a safety net for others.

“Asking those who can afford it to contribute more to their living costs – which they have paid their whole lives – is the fairest way to raise the extra funding needed to look after the ageing population,” Mr Kara said.

“Since the Aged Care Taskforce handed down its recommendations six months ago, aged care providers have been kept in the dark about how the Government will respond. We urge the Government to end this uncertainty and swiftly adopt the recommendations.”

Meanwhile, CHA has echoed calls for more home care and Commonwealth Home Support packages amid surging demand driven by an ageing population and changing consumer preference towards ageing in their own homes.

“Being able to age in place is strongly linked to quality of life and better health outcomes,” Mr Kara said.

“Funding for more home care packages is much needed and long overdue as more elderly Australians seek care at home.”


Government must pursue aged care reform (CHA)