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Pope Francis gives his blessing to visitors in St Peter’s Square during his general audience at the Vatican yesterday (CNS/Pablo Esparza)

Though not found on the classical list of cardinal or theological virtues, humility lies “at the base of Christian life”, Pope Francis said. Source: CNS.

“Whereas pride and arrogance swell the human heart, making us appear to be more than we are, humility restores everything to its correct dimension,” he said. Human beings are “are wonderful creatures, but we are limited, with qualities and flaws”.

During his general audience in St Peter’s Square yesterday, the Pope ended his series of talks on vices and virtues by discussing humility, which he said is “the gateway to all virtues”.

In the beatitudes, Jesus praised the “poor in spirit” and said “theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, he said. “It is the first beatitude because it underlies those that follow it: meekness, mercy (and) purity of heart arise from that inner sense of littleness.”

“Blessed are the people who guard this sense of their own littleness in their hearts,” he said. “These people are shielded from an ugly vice: arrogance.”

Francis said humility is what “saves us from the devil and from the danger of becoming his accomplices”.

“Humility is the source of peace in the world and in the Church,” he said. “Where there is no humility, there is war, there is discord, there is division.”

Pope Francis ended his audience asking Christians to pray for peace for the world consumed by war.

“Let us not forget tormented Ukraine, which is suffering a great deal. Let us not forget Palestine and Israel: may it stop, this war. Let us not forget Myanmar. And let us not forget the many countries at war. Brothers and sisters, we must prayer for peace in this time of war all over the world.”


Humility is the ‘gateway to all virtues’, Pope says (By Justin McLellan, CNS)