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The final print edition of NZ Catholic will be published on June 30 (NZ Catholic)

NZ Catholic, New Zealand’s national Catholic newspaper published by the Bishop of Auckland, will cease its print publication at the end of June.

A new monthly digital publication, which will retain the NZ Catholic title, will be developed and shared in the coming months.

Auckland Bishop Stephen Lowe sent a letter to subscribers, supporters, readers and friends of NZ Catholic outlining the changes.

NZ Catholic and its predecessors, The Tablet from Dunedin and the Zealandia have been part of our Catholic print media since 1873,” the bishop stated in his letter, dated May 21.

The bishop added that much has changed in the last 150 years, and that the rate of change seems to be becoming even more rapid.

“In more recent years, we have seen dramatic changes in the media landscape with audiences moving away from print and the TV news towards digital, social, and video news, entertainment and networking platforms.

“Like all other newspapers, NZ Catholic has been impacted by falling circulation numbers, subscribers and advertisers.”

Bishop Lowe noted that NZ Catholic now has fewer than 1000 subscribers and has reached the point at which “it is no longer sustainable to publish a printed Catholic newspaper”.

“It is my sad duty to inform you that the issue published on 30 June will be NZ Catholic’s last printed fortnightly edition,” he said.

“While this might mark the end of a regular printed newspaper, the diocese remains committed to sharing our Catholic news and stories, and we intend developing a new monthly digital publication with enhanced use of video,” Bishop Lowe said.

The final, commemorative print edition of NZ Catholic will be published on June 30.


NZ Catholic to cease printing, and transition to a new digital publication (By Michael Otto, NZ Catholic)