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Supplies from one of Caritas Australia’s partners enters Gaza (Caritas Australia/CRS)

Caritas Australia has welcomed the Albanese Government’s $10 million aid package to support the World Food Programme in Gaza, announced yesterday.

This aid investment follows months of stifled aid routes and numerous warnings that the entire population of 2.2 million is facing famine. 

To date, United Nations figures put the number of children at risk of dying of malnutrition at 3000, while more than 37,000 Palestinian lives and 1200 Israeli lives have been lost in this conflict.

Since the beginning of May, the vital Rafah crossing has been closed, with disruption at Kerem Shalom during this period too, which has dramatically reduced aid volumes.

Prior to October 7, eight in 10 people in Gaza were reliant on aid to survive, with 500 trucks entering the enclave daily. In May, this dropped to 100 trucks per day, some of the lowest levels so far in this conflict. 

Caritas Australia’s advocacy associate director Damian Spruce said the charity is “pleased to see our government making financial commitments that support our brothers and sisters in Gaza, many of whom have spent months under bombardment, with little food, water, medicine, or shelter”.

“This aid must be offered alongside our continued diplomatic efforts in pushing for a ceasefire and unimpeded humanitarian access, as well as adherence to International Humanitarian Law on all sides,” Mr Spurce said.

“We are eight months into this conflict, and from day one civilians, humanitarians and medical workers should have been protected. The harm being done to thousands of innocent people simply cannot continue.

“This commitment to Gaza must also be long-term. 

“It will take years to rebuild what has been lost, and many will need decades of support as they deal with the impacts of malnutrition on the development of their children, as well as life changing physical injuries and psychological traumas.” 

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Caritas Australia welcomes a $10m government aid package for Gaza (Caritas Australia)