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Foreign Aid Middle East

Caritas welcomes $10m government aid package for Gaza 

Caritas Australia has welcomed the Albanese Government’s $10 million aid package to support the World Food Programme in Gaza, announced yesterday.

Foreign Aid Ukraine

Caritas welcomes Government support of the vulnerable in Ukraine 

Caritas Australia has welcomed the Albanese Government’s decision to provide $31 million to help meet Ukraine’s energy and humanitarian needs.

Foreign Aid Pacific

Australia stands alongside PNG, sends aid after landslide 

Australia is holding out hope for Papua New Guinea following a deadly landslide, with assistance already under way, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. Source: SBS News.

Budget Foreign Aid

Budget lifts aid but much more needed: Caritas

Caritas Australia has welcomed the Albanese Government’s addition of $193 million to overseas development assistance in the federal Budget, but says Australia has a moral, economic and political imperative to support countries in need.

Africa Foreign Aid

Caritas urges Australian Government to increase aid to Sudan

Caritas Australia yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the civil war between armed militias in Sudan, calling on the Albanese Government to help improve aid access for the impoverished nation.

Foreign Aid

Caritas condemns rising aid worker death toll in Gaza

Caritas Australia has joined other Australian humanitarian agencies in condemning the rising aid worker death toll in Gaza following the deaths of seven international aid workers who were killed while working for the World Central Kitchen.

Foreign Aid Middle East

Australia resumes funding for UNRWA in Gaza

Australia will resume its $6 million in funding to the United Nations’ “lifesaving” aid agency in Gaza, more than a month after it suspended its support and amid growing concerns about the worsening humanitarian crisis. Source: Herald Sun.

Foreign Aid

Caritas joins faith-based agencies to campaign for a safer world

Caritas Australia has joined faith-based agencies to campaign for a “Safer World for All”, calling for the Australian Government to help prevent global catastrophes by investing in foreign aid, building a fairer global economy and taking action on climate change.

Foreign Aid Middle East

Türkiye-Syria earthquake victims remembered a year after tragedy

Today marks one year since a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Syria and Türkiye, followed by another of similar strength just hours later, killing more than 50,000 people. Source: Caritas Australia.