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Brisbane Archdiocese and The Salvation Army are offering 15 sites to the Queensland Government in a plan to ease housing stress across the state. Source: The Catholic Leader.

The initial 15 sites could provide 500 dwellings in the first two years while the full extent of the plan could unlock up to 20,000 dwellings.

The Coalition announced it had committed to the Yes in Faith’s Backyard plan, as part of a build-to-rent scheme if elected in October, while the Miles Labor Government is yet to make a decision.

Brisbane Auxiliary Bishop Tim Norton said the Church welcomed any proposal that would assist and care for people experiencing homelessness.

He said part of the mission of the Church was to provide for people who were living on the margins.

“For us, property is a tool we can use to deliver mission,” he said.

“However, it needs to be activated to achieve that.

“While parishes provide this important care and support to our communities, it is difficult for them to navigate current planning regimes which can be complex, lengthy, costly, uncertain and litigious.

“Further, as our parishes are not community housing providers, they are ineligible to access state and federal housing funding.”

Under the plan, Brisbane Archdiocese would be able to “seamlessly partner with community housing providers and/or the government” to deliver social and affordable housing.

The plan came together with working group Yes in Faith’s Backyard Queensland, a collection of housing planners and stakeholders with Q-Shelter and religious organisations like the Catholic Church providing the much-needed land holdings.

The plan prioritises small dwellings – townhouses and duplexes.

The religious organisations involved would retain ownership of the land under the plan while unlocking it for community housing through long-term leases.

“We look forward to building strong, positive and collaborative relationships with our partners,” Bishop Norton said.


Brisbane archdiocese offers sites to state government to help in housing crisis (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)