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About 600 people attended the ‘Camp at the Cathedral’ in the grounds of Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul (Seoul Archdiocese)

The Seoul Archdiocese transformed the backyard of Myeongdong Cathedral into a campsite to engage with younger members of the Church in South Korea. Source: Vatican News.

About 600 people gathered on June 28 for the “Camp at the Cathedral” event, organised by the World Youth Day Seoul 2027 Local Organising Committee.

The event aimed to build bridges between the Church and its younger followers through dialogue and shared experiences.

Themed “Do not fear: I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10), the setting was unlike anything previously seen at the cathedral. 

The backyard was configured as a campsite, with groups of 10 sitting in circles on camping chairs, facilitated by clergy, sisters, or volunteers.

Initially, many young attendees were surprised and a bit cautious about sitting close to bishops, but as the evening progressed, barriers dissolved and meaningful conversations unfolded.

Four young keynote speakers addressed the challenges contemporary youth face and shared their faith experiences. Each presentation led to group discussions, inspired by the Synod.

Archbishop Peter Soon-Taick Chung expressed his gratitude for the young participants’ honesty and willingness to share their stories. 

“It was a precious time to hear the stories of your lives. I am grateful to the young people for their valuable time. We will continue to organise various gatherings to share stories with you as the protagonists,” he remarked.


Seoul Archdiocese transforms Cathedral into campsite to involve youths (By Mark Saludes, LiCAS News via Vatican News)