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East Asia Papal Trip Pope Francis

All of us are God’s nomads, Pope tells Mongolia’s Catholics

Just a month after celebrating a Mass in Portugal for a crowd of more than 1.5 million attendees, Pope Francis yesterday turned his attention to a local church in Mongolia that has fewer than 1500 Catholics in the entire country. Source: NCR Online.

East Asia Mission

Pope’s visit highlights Church’s remarkable journey in Mongolia

As the world’s eyes turn to Mongolia, Pope Francis’ visit emerges as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the country, spotlighting the Church’s remarkable journey in that country. Source: Catholic Mission.

East Asia

Hong Kong bishop clarifies ‘loving one’s country and Church’ remark

Hong Kong Bishop Stephen Chow Sau-yan SJ has clarified the remark he made on “loving one’s country and Church” during his recent much-publicised visit to Beijing that sparked controversies. Source: UCA News.

East Asia

Hong Kong bishop invites Beijing-backed prelate to visit city

Hong Kong’s Catholic bishop said he has invited the state-appointed archbishop of Beijing to visit his city, a symbolic gesture that experts said could strengthen the fragile relationship between China and the Vatican. Source: NCR Online.

East Asia

New South Korean envoy to Vatican reaffirms peace efforts

South Korea’s newly appointed ambassador to the Holy See has reiterated the nation’s commitment to hold peace talks with North Korea aimed at reconciliation and unification in the Korean Peninsula. Source: UCA News.