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Aged Care Health

Catholic sector calls on private health insurers to fund care at home

Catholic Health Australia is calling on private health insurers to fund care at home, saying millions of Australians are missing out on crucial services while insurers make record profits. Source: The Australian.

Aged Care

Catholic sector calls for more consultation on draft Aged Care Act

Catholic Health Australia supports further consultation on the draft Aged Care Act before the legislation is introduced to federal Parliament.

Aged Care

Catholic sector calls on Government to fully fund wage rise

Aged care staff are poised to receive a wage rise of up to 28 per cent after the Fair Work Commission handed down a landmark decision for the sector. Source: SBS News.

Aged Care

Catholic sector backs recommendations of Aged Care Taskforce

Catholic Health Australia has urged the Albanese Government to swiftly implement the recommendations of the Aged Care Taskforce to create a more sustainable and better quality aged care sector for older Australians. 

Aged Care

Paying for aged care should be based on personal wealth: report

A taskforce reviewing funding arrangements for aged care has rejected the idea of a tax levy to cover the sector’s costs and instead suggested Australians accessing care should pay more based on their personal wealth. Source: ABC News.

Aged Care Politics

Government urged to fund $1.9 billion wage rise for aged care sector 

Catholic Health Australia is urging the Albanese Government to fund a $1.9 billion a year wage rise for the aged care sector’s direct care workers and residential indirect care workers. Source: The Australian. 

Aged Care

New online tool reveals how aged care homes spend taxpayer money

Aged care residents and their families will be able to see exactly how their home spends their money on food, care and services through a new online tool the Albanese Government says will hold providers to account for how they spend taxpayer money. Source: The Guardian.

Aged Care

Aged care sector facing shortage of 6000 nurses

The residential aged care sector needs almost 6000 more nurses to meet tough new rules this year, casting doubt on whether many services will be able to continue operating. Source: The Australian. 

Aged Care

Albanese says no plan to touch aged care asset test for family home

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says the Government is not considering any change to the treatment of the family home in the aged care asset test in order to help fund the sector. Source: ABC News.